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Friday, March 9, 2012

Featured Artist Friday

an early Friday morning lovelies and dearests..the early bird catches the worm. yeah right. i hope you catch not only the worm but the best one. today, i am so privileged to make a special feature of this creative lady. she and her business are both booming as it offers a wide variety of vintage inspired jewellery.

for me featuring her here is a dream come true already! i once discovered her Facebook page one time..and boy i can't let my eyes off it. her works immediately captured my taste for shabby chic mix with vintage and elegance. truly it's a pleasure for me.

ladies and gentlemen, the lady behind Sparkle Accessories, Miss Laura Venables.


Artist's Profile

My Name is Laura Venables and I'm 34 years old. I live in Worcesterhire in the United Kingdom. As a Jewellery Designer, I take inspiration from many things, such as the TV, magazines, current fashion, friends and family and nature.

I began Sparkle Accessories in December 2010 as a hobby, I taught myself how to do the basics and off I went, making pretty little things, I soon had to much to keep for myself so I started to sell to family and friends. Soon after I plucked up the courage to start a Facebook page, which to my amazement became quite popular, quite quickly. Selling to members of the public was quite nerve wracking, but soon the comments came back to say how they thought their items were lovely and that they were recommending me to their friends. There is nothing better than getting reviews on your items that include the words "Wow" and "Beautiful", it makes all the hard work so worth it! My confidence began to grow along with the business and I was soon having a lot of custom orders to do, as well as selling pieces that I'd already made up.

Last year I did a few stalls at a vintage fair and was surprised at how popular my items were, although I was very nervous at my first one I really enjoyed speaking to the public and actually seeing their faces as they looked at my jewellery...something you don't get to see over the internet.

My pieces that I make now are different to what I was doing when I first started out, now I like to make unique pieces with a vintage edge to them. I like to think that people are wearing pieces that are not the same as in the shops. I spend hours trawling the internet and charity shops for special unique pieces that I can incorporate into my designs.

My plans this year is to carry on doing items with a unique and vintage feel, and to get my business some more publicity, I would love a celebrity to wear some of my pieces....a girl can dream, right? I'll also be working on the website, I have got a graphic designer to do some pretty bits and pieces for it, very excited about that!

My first piece of advice would be, it's fine to take some inspiration from another persons jewellery design, but please do not copy their work. Try to be unique in your designs and find a niche in the market that is right for you.

Having a Facebook page to sell your pieces is fab! Especially if you want to try selling your items without the cost of paying for a website at first. Make sure you set up a Paypal account and you can then accept payment safely online. also make sure you have a Twitter page, it all helps to get you noticed.


Sparkle Accessories




she is always busy as you can see from the lovely projects she makes and sells..but she has always have time to join craft fairs and even launched her own Jewellery party.




i hope you enjoy our post today. ask me, i did ABSOLUTELY myself! well here are the links where you can find the lovely Laura, drop by and give her some heads up.

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