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Cheverie family: Arthur (hubby) , Ellen (me), Rocky (our dog)

hello there! welcome to my blog. i am a full time blessed housewife exploring the northwest of the Sunshine State when i am not busy with my four pets. being the eldest of two girls, i grew up to be strong for my little sister who is now bigger than i am lol! i love elephants, bears together with other cute and lovely things that hugs back like my chubbyhubby! mustard yellow and gray plus brown colors are my current favorite hues. i love Casting Crowns. Avalon, Sovereign Grace and Rascal Flatts music. i love to sing a lot. i also play piano and guitar a bit (hand me my music sheet please). i cannot refuse sweet stuff like lemon and blueberry cheesecake, tiramisu and double dutch ice cream and cute paper crafts.

we don't have kids yet but Lord willing soon we will be a complete family. for the meantime i am currently busy with this blog--browsing and posting and what not. someday i would want to open an online shop that sell the pretty things i love collecting and wearing mainly unique artworks, vintage clothing/shoes and the lovely handmade accessories i create.

i am still in the process of learning Creation Science and Apologetics which are my hubby's fields. sometimes i still dream of myself enjoying the tropics again because that is where i came from. oh by the way i am a Filipino. that's why they say i am a lighthearted person. i embrace life and all the inspirations it give me. i love Jesus and I am His child. apart from Him i am and can do nothing..oooops one more thing i love to take naps in between of what i am doing. that's why i call myself one of a lazy girl. this is where i usually smile and exhale, burst and vent, get inspired and encouraged--thank you for stopping by and be blessed!
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