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i just want to acknowledge my husband for this blog he made in his multiply account forever ago (: these things surely reflect me and him and the love story God unfolded for us. happy reading!

The Woman Who Captured my Heart(10/02/2007)

This is a blog I've posted elsewhere, but I figured that if I was going to post updates, I'd better post this as the foundation.

Hello everyone.

A lot has been happening to me lately and not all of it has been good, but there is one good thing in particular that I want to share with all of you, my friends. One month ago, I met a girl on the internet named Ellen.


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us again

We have grown VERY fond of each other and I think that she will probably be my wife in less than a year, Lord willing.

Anyhow, I'm sure you want some details about her, so here they are in no particular order:

We met as the result of a nearly random friend request on Hoverspot. (It's kind of like Myspace.) The funny thing is that we were both invited there by a friend we were interested in at the time. For both of us, that friend turned out to be not “the one”.

Anyhow the friend who invited me to Hoverspot posted a bulletin for all of her friends to respond to. The title was simply, “I am for sale.” It was one of those silly notes that pass around on the net that I never repost. The idea was the first person who replied owned you. Anyhow, I replied to her (and I think I was first), and then I reposted it. I thought for sure that at least she would respond. Evidently I was not a commodity in high demand, but no one replied at all. At first I was surprised and a little down. I thought at least my friend who I got this from would respond. Then, three days later, I posted the bulletin “I have been bought.” It was my thoughts on that and the fact that I had really been for sale and my Lord Jesus Christ had bought me for such a high price.

When I mentioned to her about this, she advised that I make some more friends on Hoverspot. I decided to take her advice. Anyhow, I went to my other friend's page and looked at her friends. She never replied to my emails and the like, but she had A LOT of friends. I went through and invited several girls that were pretty or looked interesting. One in particular caught my eye. She was a baptist, and I know a bit about the Philippines and knew that was rare over there. I wasn't really looking for romance, but just seeing who would respond. Several girls from the Philippines did respond and became my friend. I started talking with a few of them on Yahoo.

Ellen responded a day or two later and we started talking on Yahoo. At that time she was still interested in the guy who invited her to Hoverspot, so I was just friends with her. Anyhow, we started talking and became friends. A couple of days later, when she found out that her friend and her weren't meant for each other, we kept communicating. Somewhere along the way, we discovered that we were starting to like each other, a lot! So we backed off for a little bit and cooled the fires a bit. Anyhow we have continued to share and draw closer as we draw closer to God. We started sharing dreams and struggles and prayers, and we became closer yet. In her I've found a friend who is so kind and gentle. Someone I feel I can share my joys and my sorrows and even my struggles with.

I have never met someone who I have liked more. I have never met someone so much like me either, yet so different in so many good ways. Below is some of what I have learned about her.

She currently lives in the Philippines and is 27 years old

She has been a Christian a few years longer than I have. (I was born again in 95).

She is a singer and leads worship at her church in the Philippines.

She goes to a SOUTHERN BAPTIST church.

She loves Jesus very much.

She loves kids very much, and wants to work with them.

She has a quirky sense of humor that I love.

She is emotional with a gentle heart.

She loves the outdoors as I do, including camping, canoing, nature walking, swimming and more.

She doesn't mind when I take her picture.

She has Back hair and dark eyes and is slender and lovely.

She is just a little shorter than my height of 5'5”

She prays lovely.

She sings lovely. She also sings at weddings, funerals, and the like. lol.

She is at least bilingual, knowing both English and Tagalog.

Her doctrine seems sound.

She desires to come to America to reach the lost here. (Do any of you know anything about Visas?).

She even enjoys playing table tennis and volley ball very much as I do.

In the words of her friends, she is:

the epitome of a woman with a child-like heart, but not childish.

She is kind.

She's a funny girl and a music lover

a healthy Christian,

a singer,

always praying for a mission (from God)

She is jolly and God-fearing, and very compassionate and sensitive.

She knows how to make everyone laugh

She is family oriented

To any of you who know or care about me I welcome questions and especially your prayers. God bless you all.

God is definitely the author of our lives, from the moment we were conceived inside our mother's womb, up to the time we grow up and get married and up to this very moment we are together and in love with each other. Believe that He can also orchestrate your life and your love story. God bless you my friend!
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