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since time immemorial jewelry and accessories play a part on people's grooming. together with the clothes he/she chooses to wear so is the jewelry or accessories. it symbolizes their status in the society. not all the people then have the privilege to make and wear jewelries. thanks to the modern culture, we are now allowed to choose what we want to wear and not (modesty of course) we can express ourselves deeper now that we can even modify the style we wanted. not to mention the craft stores we have now, we can always get the supplies we need as comfortable as we can.

i began making fashion accessories only when Christmas is coming. i do it to save some money. instead of buying finished ones--i buy supplies and make them for the recipients of my Christmas gifts. then i found out that my cousin is making some and she sells them too. together with her skills and supplies we have, she helped me to be more creative and stylish. i absolutely adored them. now i can incorporate my personal style to every accessory i make. i believe you can achieve the style best for you not by going "EXPENSIVELY" but "CREATIVELY" done and worn. so check out the projects i made. let me know if it suit your style or not. who knows today is the best day to start your own.

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