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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Christmas Around The Corner

today was a very beautiful day! the sun shone really pretty but as usual i always forget my camera so no outdoor shots today. as far as every woman's saturdays go--mine pretty went well. hubbyteabear and i went to a small yard sale in town and picked up myself several crafts magazines. pardon? yes magazines--they are like colorful lollipops to me, they always call to me like "hey buy me" lol. so i did not waste some time and put a few bucks on that crafty investment.
i think i am indulging with these early Christmas feeling. what are you supposed to do if you feel suddenly that Christmas is around the corner? i just remember those days i was waking up to some Christmas songs my dad used to play early morning when the BER months start--you know like SeptemBER to DecemBER and feel the winter breeze it brings. so at the yard sale we bought few of Christmas CDs too like the old Bing Crosby one and two more..i tried the CDs and they worked! i simply love it and i would not have it the other way :D i am definitely excited for Christmas but i don't know about my dogi did a ton of laundry and then we picked up some ingredients for our mini pizzas

part 2 for our supper--they turned out pretty good DELICIOSO! thanks honey for your effort!
have a blessed weekend everyone! XOXO

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