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Sunday, October 2, 2011


October is my one of my favorite months not only because of the cooler breeze it gives but its the day my mama pushed alot to show me the whole world :) and then lets say i grew up and learned to smile and cry, walk and talk and talk and talk lol but seriously this is the month i was born. Since its the 1st day before that special day i want to have a 12-day countdown until that day. i bet you my husband cant wait for that day too. now i want to post some things that i adore to do and have. hang on and we'll start the count. yay *-*

  • 1st--make myself a journal


    keys said...

    wow te!!! :) shoooot!! hehehe :P i love po your blog page, and your blogs, the most, the blogger! hahahha (superlative degree) :P Happy Birthday, te! :) although you wont be spending it here with us (2 years na) we all the more affirm our love to you.:) Love you ate! all the best from our Lord Jesus!:) remembering you in my prayers now and forever. :)more blaaagsss! hahaha!:)

    me said...

    yep tin nag start na ako mag BLAG! parang tunog BASAG lang ah...anyways thank u sa comment mo sige il follow ur blog na ren..tin maraming features ngayon sa blogspot u might want to check out...and apply na ren missy'all and luvy'all too GBU!

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