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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Always Enough

last week was considered a pretty busy week. we bought a shelf for our kitchen. i organized the overflowing stuff from our kitchen table to the new shelf. i give special time and care to our dog rocky because he got an eye infection. thank God no vet fees---home remedy worked! cleaned my craft room--did i say continuous? (: i never get to finish it. oh well. the resolution to cook at least a special meal every friday or saturday became almost everyday. hooray!power bills went higher because of the use of oven--uh oh! talked to my friends back home through skype--pictures here video there worrying about my broken laptop

and since yesterday i wasn't feeling well. i know i get tired. i guess i was exposed to the cold Sunday night. we went to my brother and sister-in-law's and i forgot to bring my hat that evening---sniff sniff. i hope to feel well so i would become productive and effective again.
yet many things learned:

in my busyness GOD is my Focus
in my sickness GOD is my Strength
in my need GOD is my Blessing

of Whom i will Look Up to
of Whom i will Trust more
of Whom i will Thank more

because He is my Best Friend
because He is my Saviour
because He is my Lord of All

with the dry and weary life i have i still thank God that He brings the rain, that He quench my thirst and feed my hunger of Him through His Word and prayers. i hope you would include us in your prayers that we may only bring glory to His name.

do you want us to pray for you too? let me know and we will certainly do.


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