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Friday, January 6, 2012

Iphoneography Challenge

Day 6: Makes You Smile

me and my pets Rocky, Jolly, Bebe, and Forsty

i don't know but did anyone of you become more grumpier and fussier when you adopt pet or pets? i am always a cat lover but since chubbyhubby suggested we would adopt a dog as a pet i hesitated.. he always believe that pets are good companions specially dogs (i think he is talking based on his experience when he house sit one time) i gave it a try though and much to my amazement--the dog helps me brighten up my days..and so the cats. they are all so playful, very cute and very unique too. i think i will just call them SPECIAL because they are all special to me..look they all are laying cozily on the couch with me (:

ooops and also this
Love One Another: Frosty & Jolly

good job Frosty and Jolly--you don't want me to forget


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