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Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Madness # 2


i have been spending my 4 days in bed until i had to go to my doctor for an urgent appointment. this cough have been bugging me for almost for 4 days now. i started not feeling well since last Monday because i got caught in the rains that weekend. and my husband was sick too for almost 2 weeks he is still recovering but slowly. i really hope and pray that we will get well soon..soon!

it's good to give your body a good rest from time to time like abstaining from the things that triggers the illness. but sometimes when you are just in bed for days--something's not i right? however, my husband insisted that i get a good rest specially these days..days that i am coughing my lungs out already..i am telling you it's bad and tiring.

but God is good i have been to my doctor earlier and she gave me a shot of what i believe a heavy dose of antibiotics to help clear up my sinus and my throat plus a couple of other cough medicines. whew! i am so glad to feel the immediate relief. i hope all goes well with this.

but since it is Monday i still want to go with my blog schedule. i will try my best to post for my Monday Madness post.

for the meantime, let's play

1. Magnetic Wooden Blocks by Tegu
2. Natural Art Supplies by Clementine Art
3. My CacaBane by Pirouette CacaHouete
4. Mimi Crayon-Candles by Emmanuel Cohen Creations
5. Syokunin Tool Set by Sasaki-Kogei

surely Minor Details took me to a safe corner now where i can still relax and be playful though i am sick. give her a try i bet you she can win your youthful heart too.

Agape xoxo


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