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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Solitude

storm had passed, raging winds and heavy downpour blew its strength away from us..thank God and we have a beautiful Sunday! i love to look around after the storm. it's so peaceful and calm. but i feel sad for those who are so much affected by these tornadoes that whipped several states. many lives were taken by these tornadoes including a young family that were found in the field with only one child found to survive. it is a MIRACLE!

but do you know that it's not only when somebody survived from a great tragedy or calamity that we call it a miracle. the fact that every day when we wake up, hear the birds sing on a pretty sunny day or even get scared of the flashing lightning and thunders is a miracle. why do we only cling to the essence of the word when think its a BIG TIME miracle? when it's as small thing as waking up breathing healthily, we don't. :(

GOD is so big we can not even comprehend HIS greatness yet He had to come down to this small world to save us all sinners. isn't it the GREATEST MIRACLE? i believe it is---who am i? i am too small in this world to care for. i don't even make a big name here. but His love is GREAT. it is high and wide, it is deep and long, it is sweet and strong. His grace is lavish and His ways are faithful.

if you want to experience this kind of miracle now you can. just ADMIT you sinned against Him because no not one is righteous and all have fallen short of His glory BELIEVE that He is the only Saviour of your soul that gives eternal life and CONFESS with your mouth that He is the Lord of your heart and life from now on. (: now live with Jesus in your heart and don't forget that it took a miracle for Him to save you.

this day is just so beautiful to ignore. so you'll see me and my brother in law's dog in some pictures. these were taken at my father-in-law's backyard. enjoy!

hope you are enjoying your weekend..may the face of our Lord Jesus Christ shine upon us as we face another week of challenges.

Oh then, repeat the truth that never tires:
No God is like the God of my soul desires.
He, at whose voice heaven trembles, even He,
great as He is, knows how to stoop to me.
Charles Spurgeon




Jacy said...

Beautiful post Ellen!! God bless you!

Ellen Joy said...

thank you jacy--i just enjoyed the beautiful Sunday we had yesterday its after the stormy days. how is your family doing? hope you weren't affected by the tornadoes...God bless you sis!

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