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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WOGW # 1

hi ladies and lovelies!

most of you don't know that i am kinda sick. well like half sick-half well? umm yep i guess you can call it that way. me and my husband went out of town last Saturday. it was stormy but because we've both got itchy feet to visit itchy feet to shop at a thrift store so we brave the rains. we brought our umbrella together wore our jackets so we can protect make the long story short---i got sick!

so i'm just in the house and for the first time i tried to free my cats in the yard yesterday..unfortunately i can't the dog--he's such a barky one. don't worry because i put my laptop in the side porch plus my snacks so i can watch them. i think they all enjoyed their time as much as i did. as a matter of fact--they got part 2 today! Rocky our dog is outside too but he's on the leash though.

as i was posting my MONDAY MADNESS yesterday for the first time. it also occurred to me that i want to have a special WEDNESDAY post as well. it will be probably different from the others as i will be tackling one woman of GOD from the Bible or even in our times now whose lives inspired us to love God and serve others.


i hope that you will be with me through this. i cannot wait to read my Bible and explore how these women made an impact to their people and land and became a blessing for the glory of the Living God they serve.

do you have anything you are excited to do? is it something you've been wanting for a while or just a spur of the moment? i'm sure i have the ears to listen and heart to relate with you.

have a wonderful evening everyone!



1 comment:

Venus-Suburbia Soup said...

I hope you feel better! Get plenty of rest!

Also, I "tagged" you!

check this out:

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