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Sunday, May 13, 2012

So Long But Good News

hello lovely ladies!

talking about a comeback? yes i am definitely PRESENT in the cyber world tonight. 3 YESES! (: i am going to use this opportunity to thank you all for supporting my blog no matter what. i have just finished throwing a party for my loving hubby last Sunday. it went well though we have a couple of showers that time. the food is good. i think the guests are happy and sustained! *wink* guess what birthday parties are getting more fun and exciting. i couldn't get any excited whenever i plan and prepare. at first i have the theme of circus. after a day i wanted Robot. then finally, i ended up with carnival. so the food were not so heavy but enough to make everybody still sing a happy birthday! KUDOS!

thank God also that i have talked to some friends that will be involved in my online shop. 2 girls that make up for my model and make-up artist. isn't that lovely? (: hubby and i went to Hobby Lobby and got my dress form of course for the shop as well.

i bought a couple of new craft books also from Books-A-Million. i guess they have to give us more discount because we are quite a frequent customer lately. congrats to hubby, he got himself a Nook Book. i am happy for him. he was dreaming of it, talking about it and now enjoying the techy gadget. you can read all the Tom Swift you want, honey! (:

our cat Jolly spent 2 days in the cage of our neighbor for they trapped him because they are just not cat lovers and somehow Jolly ended up killing four of their birds. boy, the first time i cried so much over a cat. i felt like the whole world crushed over me. i think i cried like that when i first got heartbroken. imagine that? hubby and my parents told me not to retaliate but just pray and exercise more patience. you know what? our neighbor knocked and they said they want to give back Jolly to me with a condition that i will not let Jolly and my other two cats roam their yard. sad but happy you got it? i broke down in tears when i got my cat because i missed him so much. i thought i would not be able to get him back from them.

my sister is already processing her passport. i really hope Lord willing that she and my parents can visit me here. i am so bored sometimes. i believe they will make a change in my lonely face sometimes. also i would love to go to church with them and sing too with them if we have time. that would be something to look forward to.

i got the package from my mom. and again it's small but full-packed with goodies. more supplies for my small accessories business and some food too!

truly, if we count our blessing and start counting them one by one---we are going to run out of time. it's because we can't out give GOD. He is the Only Source of our blessings. not to mention not only materially but spiritually. without Him i am nothing in this world and perhaps will not be able to come back to you all here.





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