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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things That I Missed On A Rainy Wednesday

i am a lover of sunshine so most of the time when its raining it gets me down just like in the song "hanging around nothing to do but frown, rainy days are mondays always get me down"

okay so i've made a list of things i have been missing when its raining here. let's start from

  • sleeping in while hooded under my blanket until i hear my mom or my dad saying "GISING NA" or wake up
  • hot "champorado" it is a porridge with cocoa and milk or atleast a sumptuous breakfast which is fried rice+dried fish+eggs ooh lala
  • watching TV the whole morning..we're lucky if we have power

    then afternoon
  • hmmm another hot lunch served by my mom
  • quality time with my sister and my whole family when classes and work are suspended
  • listening to soothing music while reading or writing a journal
  • going out of the house to check how high or low the floods are

  • either strolling at the mall having a good supper or enjoying my mom's cooking AGAIN
  • singing while my sister plays the piano i think while the power is out
  • catching up the news on TV when the power is back lol
  • chit chatting with my family again and having a family devotion

  • i guess these are the lists i missed when we have a rainy day here, oh well i know i will see them all one day Lord willing. thanks for visiting my blog..have a blessed rainy day everyone XOXO

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