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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Cheverie's Attic

busy busy busy bumble bee is sure we will have a long day today, we already reserved a car for our trip to Jax next week, next thing we need to do is make a hotel reservation for the same reason too..must be a hotel that is friendly to our dog Rocky because we're going to take him with us yay! ok so while we're doing all these, i suddenly heard a sound from our roof..hubbyteabear went outside to check it--and he could find we decided to go up in the attic

and check it. much to our amazement, we found these:


  • twisted ladder that we used to climb up there

  • lots of old cords that are still there even when they (old owners) replaced it

  • small hole in the roof close to the fireplace

  • Solutions

  • fix the twisted ladder by replacing its brackets

  • fix the the hole we found as long as we have the funds

  • clean the attic and remove the boxes they have left

  • we were really shocked to see those problems oh i guess we're lucky atleast we can fix it ASAP..oh! it's time to go to visit my neighbor and show her some of the acccesories my mom sent me, gotta go!! have a blessed day everyone XOXO


    keys said...

    Weee Attic Attack!!! hehe! be safe! :)

    keys said...

    Weee Attic Attack! hehe!:D be safe! :)

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