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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wanna Be Like Mama

good mornight! its soo early now to eat breakfast but soo late to be still up. if i still live at my parents place i am very sure that they will scold me for staying up late tonight or atleast a breakfast sermon awaits me in the morning. lol. anyhow, while browsing a few blogs that cater the vintage trend nowadays, i just thought of my mom today--as many of you know our parents' time showcase the wide range of arts, design, crafts, fashion, music during the 50s-80s. i wasn't born until the 80s BUT i definitely have the love for vintage---the plaids, ginghams, bright and retro colors, wedges, floral, shapes, stripes, polka dots...i guess i got it from both of my parents. my dad always talk to me and my sister about his childhood--it was fun he said..but my mom shes not so talkative but you can see it in the pictures they have. pictures showing her trendiness even before. in fact i want to show some here:

here is another one taken on my 1st birthday with my granny, aunts and cousins

..look how vintage it is! (:

even at that time when she was pregnant with me she is still beautiful

i think she is my best vintage model haha..she is not only my fashion model but she is my best role model thank you mama for giving me your whole life and showing its beauty to are not old to me mama, you are just aging beautifully..and i want to be like you! xoxo

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