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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trenta Y Uno It Is

it started 31 years ago early morning when my mom had a hard time pushing me out and according to my dad he laid his hands on my mom's big belly and started praying until finally i came out. and the rest is history lol.

three years ago i came here to the states to marry my husband and live with him that means it's been a while since i have celebrated my birthday with my family way back home.

and this is where the fun begins...

i didn't know that my husband was very particular of my musings---he felt that i needed a party anyways. so he gathered as much as he could all the members of the family yesterday. he did so much errands before the BIG day buying and wrapping gifts, and cooking the food as well. and here i am i don't buy too much of surprises so i got to know we're having a party and eventually helped him in the physical decoration. and then seeing the people coming--my husband's family my heart skipped and until the end of the party lets say i am completely overwhelmed, grateful and blessed that i have a wonderful family here in the states..i hope its not until my next birthday again, Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming soon so see y'all (:

we have a blast! in short.

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