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Monday, October 10, 2011

I Missed You In Two Days

after 2 days without blogging i think i am ready to talk and share much of what had happened within those 2 days. i think as a blogger i don't need to post here consistently as in everyday--but i figured out i can spare some of your time and mine. well yesterday me and hubbyteabear when he's off usually during Saturdays is our household chores bonding time or if not catching some yard/garage/moving/estate sales you name it! but yesterday after scouting some places here in town we stopped at one sale i still dont know what type of sale they did have---but it's like an old pharmacy or drugstore going out of business sale or just getting rid of stuff sale or sorts well anyhow, we had great deals there, one woman gave me a plastic bag and said "here take this bag and fill it up with goodies for a BUCK"...then ofcourse automatically my brain processed it and said WHATTAWOWW! super happy meee (: i get to dig in boxes and hubbyteabear too, he's assigned with the books and me with clothes, toys for my nieces and my dog Rocky and some knick knacks as usual. so we went home definitely fulfilled on what we got and how much we just paid for all the stuff..and then i cooked some sopas for supper. but today Sunday we missed church, but we still caught up for the evening service---i dont know but i am just in the mood to dress up with some vintage clothing. i hope i will do fine. so i put on a red gingham dress and matched it with my leopard cardigan plus my vintage shoes and some black leggings and have me some locks..ok here's a funny story i think im still not ready for this soo i remove the leggings once we got to church but inside our truck ofcourse and hubbyteabeare is not comfortable with that..i said i can really manage. we were surprised that its a fellowship night meaning singing + potluck afterwards so God already answered our supper! woohoo (: ok my husband took a picture of me earlier just before we went to judge if i pass the vintage-ish look!

1 comment:

me said...

Pass + ! :) Love u, my lovely swan.

from ur hubbyteabear.

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