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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Counting Blessings

i know i haven't caught up on my blogging lately but i always been meaning to. i guess now is the right time to post. it is now officially the third day after Thanksgiving Day and as for some of you who don't know, i came from the Philippines where we don't really have an occasion like this. i have been in the states for at least three years now so this is my third year of celebrating it with my husband and his family. one thing i can only comment about this festivity---it is such a STUFFED day! as in lots and lots of food and not only one type but a wide variety from the main meal like roasted turkey or ham, mashed potato, stuffing with cranberry sauce, sweet potato yams, and oh boy different desserts ranging from pies to puddings. who wouldn't be so thankful for these food---for these BLESSINGS!

let us look on some important things about Thanksgiving. as far as 1600s the early pilgrims from Europe came to the States from religious persecution and most of them trying to start their new lives. many people suffered when they came here not to mention this is all a new place for them to live and make their living. and at those times where abundance is not so evident compared to our times, they face bad winters, starvation and disease and even deaths. but even then when they experienced all these hardships, they offered a special day to give thanks when God answered their prayers to save them from hunger through the help of their Indian friends too. you can find the full story here

but i can only make this long story short and yet still run out of words to be thankful for. honestly, i am thankful that God chose me to be His child and be part of His great purpose that is to share His love towards other people whom He died for. i am thankful for my husband whom i know loves and supports me as Christ loves the church---unconditionally! i am thankful for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this BIG BLESSED country! i am thankful for both of my families--my Filipino family---you are my prayer warriors and encouragement. my American family---your support and love. i am thankful for my friends who are willing to listen to me when i needed comfort and inspiration. i am thankful that i have a home where i can share with my husband and future kids. i am thankful that i have lots of bonuses---i have a laptop i can use to share my stories. i am thankful that i can do my hobbies like arts and crafts without worrying about oooops i ran out of supplies and whatnots. i am thankful for my pets who are so playful and accompany me whgive your best to show what love is, when i am alone and lonely at home. i am thankful to God for His GRACE that is greater than my sins and His MERCY that abound every time i needed it. i am thankful for the peace that God rewards me when i trust in Him and His power. i thankful for you my friend---that you have the time in your busy world to read this.

i think this picture of
is the best evidence of being blessed. how about you, what are you thankful for?

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