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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Twelve WishLists 'tis Christmas

November is ending too soon! it is so unbelievable, i just made my resolutions and failed to do some of it and here i am again formulating already. well anyhow, the night of Black Friday last week hubbyteabear and i went to the nearest bookstore and outlet mall in our place. we wanted to give presents this coming Christmas to our family. i got the presents for my family way back home already and now is the time for my husband's. since we know that it goes crazy every Black Friday, so we chose to go in the evening where there are lesser people throwing stuff lol,or atleast shorter line to the cashier. so we were so surprised that even though we're kind of little late for some people's shopping time, we still managed to buy and get gifts for everybody this coming Christmas. Thank God!!! the people we are gonna give are ranging from less than a year old to we set up a budget and we werent soo unhappy to break it a is just so impossible to really stick to it. however, we got a great deal for all those gifts. but here's my little problem now, i forgot to buy something for hubbyteabear--uh oh! that time was not so perfect because he was with me lol. you might think i can sneak up and stick it in a baggy without him knowing it! well i hope to manage another time i guess. wish. wish.

Anyhow, let's take a look at some of these pretty and useful DIY projects. boy, i wish i should have done this before i shopped oh well. i hope this would be useful to you who is still on the doubts with this season of giving.













i am soo delighted to see all of these on the web..hoping next time i can integrate it to my gift giving...thanks to all those DIY crafters who patiently create and share their talents to newbie like me.

are you busy? can't figure out what to give this Christmas? do not be overwhelmed by the bulk of people you want to give gifts to and the little time you have...inhale. exhale. always remember that the heart of this season is THE GREAT GIVER--JESUS CHRIST himself! He gave His life for us so that we can become His children and share the greatest gift we received from Him..isn't it so wonderful?

Advance Merry Christmas everyone! xoxo

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