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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yard Sale

we had been busy lately..not with a trip to JAX thank God-but with sorting of our stuff. we always wanted to do our own
but i guess we can't find the time. yesterday after a day or two of cleaning the closet and sorting things we dont need that much, finally we opened our yard for a small sale!

money had been tight for us since we had to repair our truck when it broke on us. but im glad we did make some money from yesterday's sale. we woke up 6AM to bring the stuff outside--ofcourse we had to brave the cold. hubbyteabear helped me brought a few tables so we have a place to put the stuff. items for sale varied from most of my clothes, shoes, purses to our beddings and wall decors, kitchen stuff--hubbyteabear's books and DVDs, VCRs and music CDs. i think the economy is very slow and low because there were some people who came and not bought anything BUT there were some who still care to buy--i guess they vary too. in fact we have a few friends who supported us thank you
and Ms Patty and also hubbyteabear's coworkers thanks Ms Linda and Ms Elsie and to some people who dropped by and bought you know who you are (: i took over the selling while hubbyteabear is sleeping for his night shift duty at the hospital. towards the end of the sale he woke up and helped me packed up the remaining stuff. we dont know if we are going to have a part two or just donate the stuff to the thrift stores in town. we will have to see. and to my dear husband thank you for helping me and supporting this happy and so was he can you tell?

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