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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Unforgettable Meet

"i thought you are gonna pop!", hubbyteabear replied with a BIG grin...can you all imagine when he said that to me? i don't really care much lol but all i know is that my favorite Christian band "Casting Crowns" hit this area again..and yes they have a concert tonight which i would not be able to watch because my hubbyteabear is working..ok sure we have next time, i guess! but here's the story. hubbyTB heard it over the radio like almost days ago that Casting Crowns will be at the local Christian Bookstore here in Dothan, AL. so he rushed and call me i researched it thank God for Facebook i found it on their site. no doubt i said I WILL HAVE TO COME! i know i want to come thats for sure..but ooops we need to check his work schedule first..ok he will work at that time. i ask him maybe he could switch the sched with his co worker. and once again thank God for his coworker--she said OK! so i was overjoyed. finally i will meet them yaaaaay! we planned to arrive early at the bookstore to avoid the big crowd but it went pretty good. i feel like im hands are cold..i want to jump and sing! i don't remember the last time i got this excited. it sure was a DREAM COME TRUE! even when i was still in the Philippines i already love them. i sing their songs. they are indeed ambassadors of Christ as they sing, play and meet their supporters--they are all so humble! Casting Crowns you will always be a channel of blessing to me and my family. i love you all with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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