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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sick Rocky Pity Me

buenas noches amigas!

i hope everything in your family is doing alright. this time of year many people get sick because of the fact that is winter and here in Florida our weather is changing alot unfortunately. so Rocky our dog is not feeling well im sure. he caught something--i noticed 2 days ago that his left eye is so teary and having some discharge. it is also a bit red..i think for humans it is like a pink eye. yeah i know i am really worried tomorrow we are going to try to bring him to the nearest vet. as for the meantime i use saltwater to flush in his eyes so the discharge will come off. and sometimes i use lemon juice too. then i will wipe it with clean paper towel or cotton. i hope this is not something serious. please pray for his left eye that he will feel better soon. i can't help but feel sad about it because he is one source of my happiness. by the way, this is where i found the home remedy for dog's eye infections..BUZZLE.COM their methods are pretty easy to apply. how cute that the model dog looks just like my Rocky!
aside from treating him, i also pray for him believe it or not! why not? GOD is not only our healer but our pet's healer too (:

happy evening!


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