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Monday, January 9, 2012

Something Else New

hello lovely people! chubbyhubby asked if i could give him a back rub when he gets home from work CAUSE: we bought a used modular cabinet for our kitchen. it was originally an entertainment shelf but i do really need to hide the mess in our kitchen as various kitchen wares keep on piling up. i already decided i will RE-ORGANIZE the house this year. so a good start is in our kitchen (:

we bought it from Salvation Army today, used but still in its good condition.

it is full of my snacks. chubbyhubby said i am the "Snack Queen" lol. i think i still need to remove more things from it--it feels compressed alot, what do you think?

if you have any decluttering can post a comment below or just email me, thanks!


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