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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sister, are you there?

"trade me your stationery, i will give you my sticker or you can choose what you want from my stock", my cousin Joy exclaimed.

i think the current trend in the blog world now is you got to have friends or mini circles to be able to be IN. but how will you achieve it? joining challenges whatever it is maybe (i prefer decent challenges though) is fun. the objective of the challenge is to gain friends. so you will need to comment and they will comment back, follow them if you can then WHOALAH you've got a friend.

tell me, is it similar to the time i was trading paper crafts with my cousin? i think it is. the only difference is..we then did it in person and now it is virtual. it is still soo much fun. just hope i can really connect with my new found friends here Lord willing.

last week i had an experience where i post, then i notified the people i linked on my blog. some of them replied some of them did not. i can understand maybe they were just busy. but to those who replied you know how it means to me. for the new blogger around like me, one comment--one new follower or subscriber DOES COUNT it simply tickles my heart.

i hope i am not too pressing on others that does not want me to be their friend. it is alright, i will still understand because that's a sister's role..there are times when we had fights with our sisters--BIG or SMALL, then we walk out..we don't wanna hear out the other person. then eventually we will come back and hug them because we long for the time we are having fun together.

to the people i have known here whether through a certain challenge or just by simply coming across and devoting your time to read my posts..
I thank you all so much



You can't live a perfect day without doing something
for someone who will never be able to repay you.
John Wooden

a wonderful night to everyone!

Agape xoxo



Remy Hadley said...

I love when I get a new comment or a new follower. I'm almost always looking for new friends. I'm more of the shy one though, but once someone says 'Hello!' I'm most definitely going to return the favour.

I definitely agree about the whole friends = in thing. Seems like adv./sponsorship is that kind of 'gotta have it to be in!' thing, too.

Kelly said...

blogging is such a weird thing especially when you are new. stick with it and you will build your following. don't think to much about circles it'll just stress you out.
continue being you because YOU is perfect.

Ellen Joy said...

thank you ladies your messages encourage me to continue here...and i promise to support your writings too

God bless us all in this endeavour


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