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Friday, February 3, 2012


good morning lovely people! it is Friday again and i can't tell how much i am excited for Fridays. sometimes i feel so lazy the whole week and there will be a sudden inkling that the week will be an awesome one because of Featured Artist Friday post. isn't it neat?

i am honored to feature this artist. she is a new friend of mine. as a matter of fact i think just probably a month only that we have met here through the big world of blogging and i was happy when i found out that she is a believer, follower and lover of Jesus. she is a wife to her wonderful husband and expecting their first born sometime this year.

lovely people, let me introduce you now our Featured Artist

Jacy and her hubby

Artist's Profile
Jacy Lee Pulford

27 years old

Enfield, Connecticut, USA

Freelance Artist/Designer

The Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest Creator of all!

Find/Write her here:

Could you tell us a snippet of how you ended up in the field of Arts?

My story is not a cookie-cutter artist story. I dropped out of college and got lost in life. I started doing freelance artwork, craft shows and selling online. Eventually, my customer base and my sales grew. When I got laid off from my job in December 2010, I decided I would work for myself from now on!

What are your plans this 2012 that will affect your field? Why?

Connect, connect, connect. I'm getting more involved with my blog, getting in touch with more people in the handmade business, doing guest posts, giveaways and featuring other artists. Being successful is not only about me; it's about all creative people working together, helping one another.

What advice/s can you give to those aspiring artists out there?

Be yourself (don't copy!), stay positive and have fun. Sometimes I think artists can be so serious about their craft, they lose sight of their original passion. I've done it and have learned that people will love your art is you love it... you can only do that by sticking to who you are as a person and learning from your mistakes.


she is lovely and so her artworks! and the good news is--these are available on her shop. check it out!

Agape xoxo

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