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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello Heidi

honestly, i dont know how to start again. i am definitely blown away by the busyness of my life this past week. first, we have a couple of guests last week so i was a little pre-occupied. would you believe i have dieted myself from blog posts. i still read some blogs though.

ok this is the typical day for me last week. when my cousin heidi and her boyfriend arrived at our home that Sunday night, it was pretty much the start. i told myself i needed a break from being lazy and start moving. so that Sunday me and chubbyhubby cleaned the house again. some things needed to get done like dishes, vaccuming, cleaning up our messy dining table, and many more.

the next morning, thank God my husband cooked breakfast. he made his famous toast with sun side up eggs in the middle. it was good! then i made our supper that night. and the next day i did the breakfast/lunch and supper until i guess Friday night. i urged my husband to go out last Saturday to free myself because i admit i got tired. lol. that was the very first time i did the cooking marathon. as in everyday twice a day!

the weather was not so cooperative, it was mostly cloudy that week and had rained a lot. so we managed to walk in our small town. i brought my cousin to see some vintage sights in our laid back town. they said they like it here because it is much smaller and slower-phase from where they come from. they live in South Florida. i heard that it is such a big city with lots of people who are busy working all the time. i believed my cousin needed a break and it helped her stay here so she would come back refreshed and not winded.

most of the time when it was raining, we just stayed in our house. we chatted for hours sometimes in the wee hours of night, had a Bible study and prayed, watched movies, ate and ate, she took and edited many pictures. as a matter of fact, we had a picture when we're just babies and she did a good job editing it plus putting an updated version of us. take a look here

what do you think? isn't it cool to see our baby photos--how we grew up. i am thankful to God that after 20 years we saw each other again.

this is my beautiful cousin Heidi now.

and this is me taken and edited by her.

it was a different experience for me to meet her again after so many years. we had fun here. but most of all, me and my husband had a wonderful opportunity to share who Jesus in our lives. that HE is the only Saviour. He totally transformed us and up to this point inspiring us to follow His will. Heidi knows the Lord now. i pray that she continue in the faith she received through Jesus Christ. and now that she's back home share the wonderful gift she received to her family. she said she will go back home, find a job, save up some money and then Lord willing visit me again. that would be awesome! (:

i am excited to hear her testimony until we meet again. God bless your heart, Heidi.

we may have missed half of our lives. but we sure did catch up because we now share the same faith. that is our faith in JESUS.

do you have a similar experience like i did? did you ever get excited meeting a person you haven't seen for quite a long time? if you do let me know.

have a blessed night, everyone!




Venus-Suburbia Soup said...

HI Ellen Joy!
Great shots of you and Heidi. I have a cousin who I too grew up with. I can't imagine not having her in my life. Great blog! You have some really cute outfits, too!!! ;)

Ellen Joy said...

thanks po! yep she took those pictures and edited them---shes gifted God bless po

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