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Saturday, February 18, 2012


speaking of creativity...i think my Valentine week has been creative so far..that is why i did not have the chance to drop a line here for my Featured Artist Friday post. and when i thought it was already Saturday! i was busy dragging chubbyhubby to thrift stores here and there. lol. we hit a couple and sure enjoyed the time together. i made sure we brought our dog Rocky so he could enjoy himself too. it was definitely fun. just don't ask the financial standing ok? (:

ok guys, this person i will be featuring is a friend of mine. we haven't met personally only virtually though. i met her when i joined this challenge. she joined too and i believe we both enjoyed it. the more comment you made and more friends you gained the better--you could win actually. miss sarah of Desirous of Everything the Organizer of the challenge told me i was the Challenge Queen because i was very excited. hey, that was my first challenge ever! so in short, i gained friends there including this person. i thank her for liking my blog and following it.

would you please let me introduce her to you all.

Julia and her family

Artist's Profile
Julia Linsteadt

28 years old

Bay Area, California, USA

Freelance Copy Editor and Proof Reader/ Mama/ Blogger

My family and a good cup of Chai Tea

Find her here:

Could you tell us a snippet of how you ended up in your field of Arts

I have always struggled labeling myself as an "artist." I much prefer the title "Creative" because an artist, at least to me, is someone who is on the cutting edge of new and fresh. I am not cutting edge, but I do like to create and do most things in life by hand. I have this insane, if I may call it that because I think it's insane, twitch to make things. Now, "things" is such a general term, but I find it to be an appropriate word choice in this case. I am always in the process of creating "things," whether it is whipping up a batch of granola bars or a new piece of decor for my home. I am constantly thinking through how to make...something. I find, as most of us probably do, that my path to my current life occupation can be traced back to my childhood. Being creative was how I spent my time as a child, and it’s how I prefer to spend my time as an adult. The past 10 years have been a journey for me as I discover how to keep that creativity thriving in my life. I have learned that I like working for myself and am better at being an entrepreneur than an employee. I have found that being home, being present with my young son and being unconventional in what I do to pay the bills (in a clean, “G” rated sort of way) has allowed me to maintain my enthusiasm and provide the time I need to remain creative. Through a lot of hard work anything is possible.

What are your plans this 2012 that will affect your field? Why?

This year my plans include:
1. Launching new additions to my editing business and taking on a few more clients
2. Furnishing my home. We just purchased a home in October and we need a lot of interior revamps. I am planning to focus of at least decorating my son’s room and our bathroom.
3. Write thoughtful, genuine and content on my blog GoatNotes that excites me. I hope that by doing so I will meet more fantastic people and continue to enhance my abilities as a writer and blogger.

What advice/s can you give to those aspiring artists out there?

Take your time. In the beginning of my career I found myself rushing to keep up with those around me. I was always comparing myself to others’ successes, which caused quite a bit of anxiety. Later I realized there’s no hurry. If you want something really, really badly most likely you will get it. Work hard, spend time doing the things you want, try not to waste too much time on things that just don’t matter and be kind to yourself.

instead of the usual Artist's Gallery, i decided to post her DIY Tutorials and yummy Recipes.

Tutorials Bkg





1. Make Your Own Finger Paint
2. Recylced Soda Can Broach
3. A Gift for our Feathered Friends
4. Dapper Man Bow-Tie

Recipe Bkg





1. Rice Bowl
2. Chai Tea
3. Stuffed Peppers
4. Easy Frittata

isn't she lovely? she is just totally awesome..i admire how she finds time between being a wife, a mother to her son and at the same time getting creative to her tutorials and recipes. i hope to meet her and her wonderful family someday and perhaps we can share our creativity too..that would be a cool idea, what do you think?

it's been raining in our place since this morning..and we are in a tornado watch until early morning so folks i am going to hit the bed and sack out.

have a wonderful and warm evening everybody. have a blessed weekend. (:



1 comment:

Julia said...

Thanks so much Ellen! This is so super!!!

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