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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Is Here Yes I'm Back

hello lovelies i am back!

it's good to have a rest from all the cyber tempations at least once in a while. i need it! it was a week full of creativity and relaxation. but i have missed you guys, i so long wanted to update you all. a week without my Monday Madness, Woman of God Wednesday, Featured Artist Friday and Sunday Solitude is definitely a big change for me.

why did i take a rest? ok here's the story i really love this blog but it keeps me from accomplishing the more important things in the house and myself. last week i had my OB's appointment again. on my next post i will keep you posted (: and i have finished some of my backlogs. BACKLOGS? yes, even housewives do! finally, i have set our bedroom with the way we wanted. we were trying to keep things clean and organized. trust me. before it was such a MESS!

hubby and myself went thrifting also. i am excited to open my online shop soon soon. it will be full of goodies. sometimes it's weird because the reason i wanted to have the shop is to sell pretty things---ya it's given, but i have to remind myself constantly so i won't keep the stuff for me. *wink* lol. we learned that my cousin will stay with us so we bought a new couch--FUTTON that is

and a computer table that i repainted

talking about homesick? i missed my mama's crab recipe. so last week we visited a local seafood store too. we bought a couple of yummies. this ol' lady was craving for some oysters and crabs. numnumnum. so hubby bought me one pack of oysters, 2 1/2 lbs of crabs and 2 pieces of tilapia.

i cooked the oysters and had it for my lunch---hubby was not so interested but it was alright. then we had a sumptuous supper that awaited for us

im sorry crabs.

also before i forget, strawberries is good this time of year. my mother-in-law gave a bunch. yummy!


how was your day? i hope you are having a good time welcoming Spring too!




1 comment:

Cap Creations said...

I wont keep the thrift stuff for myself either lol!!! Thanks much for join us at Cap Creations. May you have a wonderful week.

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