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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Treat for Myself

so i woke up with a hungry belly huh!

the other day ago hubby and me went to this GingerBread House in our place. aside from learning that they will open a bakery soon which i would love to work..i applied and we also tried their food. this store opens Monday-Friday; 10:30am-2pm. after trying their food i hope they are open until supper. but i guess for now they are serving lunches only. so i ordered their #11 Ranch Chicken Club. oh boy i have never had this before. it is so tasty. they never failed me in the slightest. super yummy.

it had been on my mind since then, so when i woke up today that's the first thing i did. i called to make my order and walked there to pick up my yummy order.

i still love you #11 aka Ranch Chicken Club


#11 Ranch Chicken Club
3 pieces of toast (white bread)
Ranch dressing
grilled chicken/bacon
cheddar cheese
lettuce and tomato
+ brown bag special: Sun Chips, drink, a dill, banana pepper and a cookie

BURP oops there you go! one happy belly here. i guess i love this treat for myself.

have a lovely afternoon everyone!




1 comment:

Venus-Suburbia Soup said...

I'm hungry now! ;)

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