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Friday, October 7, 2011

Dorothy's Nails

howdy? yay this is the 10th day when i first start blogging again. i am still excited as i was the first time. but i have an old blog, forever ago i made it and haven't caught up with. so here is the collaboration of my musings and inspirations. sometimes perhaps you will see yourself in my posts, you see that's how emotional i am *-* i love to put the ups and downs of my everyday life now i got something new---i painted my nails for a new fall look. i couldn't find an amber or orange in my closet so i grabbed a bottle of crimson red plus some strokes of the transparent polish to protect the nails

after dorothy's nails were done, i remember hubbyteabear implied the other night he wanted some banana bread. since we have some bananas that will soon go bad i made him one pan lol and a tasty philly cheesesteak for a sumptuous supper. Be blessed! XOXO

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