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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Hub

for the past few days i've been working on my blog so intensively. i am but still an amateur here but i am glad to know the basics. i remember there were days and nights that i would sit in front of my computer for hours and hours figuring out what is HTML, URL and many more of the cyber codes. but as far as i know that helped me alot (aside from getting so distracted by these beautiful blogs). lol.

two nights ago, i asked my husband if he can help me on something. little that i know of my husband who is a full time medical technologist, a video game fanatic, a wide reader and a science geek will also be interested in blogging. so here's the story. perhaps more than a decade ago when he was still in college when he was first introduced to the internet (back when blogs are not around every corner of the computer world), he told me he studied carefully how some websites work--i think he meant like the programming. and that's when my cyber geek was born! but it didn't catch his attention like it did to me now. so we sat down together, figured how i wanted my Blog to be like. to make the long story short i thanked him alot for giving me so much insights in blogging. he helped me put the codes here. i think its a lot like making a doll from inside out. first you got to know what type of doll you want to make. then slowly forming its body by sewing all the parts. and the last is making it as beautiful as you can by adding pretty decorations outside.

things wont have to end now that i have my blog with the style i wanted. with the help of my husband, i think its a never ending process. for sure, people who have the pretty blogs dont stop being creative themselves. i hope to update mine as much as possible. and never stop loving things that make it beautiful. do you have struggles in blogging? are you already an expert? i would like to know your story.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

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