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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Third of Bliss

ha! 3 years ago i walked down the aisle wearing my white gown and veil nervously and there i saw my groom's smiling face saying "It's going to be ok, my love" so i continued walking and the rest was history.

we're now on our 3rd year as a married couple. though i know its just a simple ceremony, people who witnessed remembered it for sure. and so we do! days right after the wedding were pretty challenging as i recall them. the first time my husband would leave me as his wife already for the United States. he needed to go back home because this is where he lives. so i needed to stay until my paperworks are done. and these were the days i said "boy i wish i can fly". lol.

so my papers were approved and i eventually moved in here in the US to be with him. things are pretty tough, rough but blissful i guess! we have our own "ups" and "downs". can i just choose the "ups",Lord?

we certainly experienced the cultural differences while adjusting to being married. from the food we eat, to how we're going to run the house. but i think that's like how frappe' is made. it wouldn't be so yummy if it was only made with pure coffee but it has sugar, some milk and vanilla in it. single life is already challenging so married is more. we can't get through this without God! He was there in the beginning of our love story until now and until He called us. when we gave our life to love each other He was there as a witness that no matter what happens we will always uphold, support, and cherish each other. without Him we wont have the strength to continue and so for this 4th year approaching i only pray that His unconditional love will always abound in me and my husband's life.

For the One I Love

I love you
not only for who you are,
but for all we've been through together.

We've shared a lot of good times
and some hard times too.

But no matter what has come our way,
we've always known that with God
and each other, we could make it through.

So here we are,
with a love that's stronger
and a faith that's deeper
than the day we said "I do."
I'm thankful for that,
and even more thankful for you --- the one I will always love.

Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.
Song of Solomon 8:7 NIV


Teddy Knight said...

Honey, I love you so so very much. I can't express how deeply this is true, but I will spend the rest of my life trying. NOW AND FOREVER MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU! :-*

Anonymous said...

I love you both! :) A blessed Anniversary to you kuya and ate! The Lord grant years of abundance in the Lord and in love for each other. :)

God's favors to the both of you! :))

Love & prayers,

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