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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Heart Christmas

feeling lazy, don't know when to start cleaning, cooking, baking again for the next get together. this time it will be at our house. we are planning on having a small Christmas Party at our house on the 24th. at first this was a family affair, like we invited hubby's family to come but unfortunately most of them couldn't come--i guess they have other plans and we're kinda late on informing them. so we canceled it and made it instead a "Christmas Party--Cheverie's and Friends". i really hope it would be a blast like the party we attended last Saturday the 17th. it was such a fun-filled night. the Filipinos in our community and neighboring towns gathered to have a special Christmas party. its a pot-luck so lots of people brought their own specialty meals. they played Dirty Santa too. me and hubby did not join the Dirty Santa because we're kinda tight and i think i can't stand stealing my friend's gift. lol. anyhow, i made a

and a
Lemon Lush Pie
i love how it turned out. i used to make Tuna Casserole every gathering but i chose this one now so that not only i can have a new taste but for them too. mission accomplished! hubby helped me with dishes i needed. he washed them for me and he was just a good helper. and he knows when i am cramming..i get stressed so he had
these are the pictures we took from the Filipino-American Christmas get together..oops before i forget i sang on that night too.
we both are happy that we came to this get together. until next Christmas gathering again, folks. may this wonderful season be special to all of us for our God dwelt among us and with us. and this coming new year be a blessing to us all.

Agape xoxo

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