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Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

i know i seldom blog--and yet i always feel conscious about it. that the people might say "oh she put up a blog and seldom post". but let me tell you this, last night before i sleep i read a blog from Ms Melissa i dont know it just shook me to the point of realization. that i dont need to blog just because im obliged and to feel "oops im so behind" but instead every moment special is a great opportunity to minister to me first and to others through writing.

so here we are, as my family approaches Christmas, my husband is not feeling so well since last night. i think because of the weather here in NorthWest Florida, it is so damp and been raining here and there. warm front temporarily pushed the cold thats what it is! i know he will get well soon. i pray. then the Christmas party we organized for the family was cancelled and so the one for our friends. it is a little sad that these are not happening anymore.

but why am i here. i just remember the song by

Casting Crowns
this song reminded me when the angels sang on that blessed night---night when the Son of God-Jesus was born for us to save us. i bet it was such a lovely scene. but i often ask myself if i was there would i even notice it? could i be busier than now? hmmm..just wondering. shopping, caroling, cooking, baking, gift wrapping and giving-- these are not bad things to do this season but let us consider this: one cold night the angels sang while the shepherds are attending to their sheep. they sang "Gloria In Exelsis Deo" means "Glory to God in the highest". If the angels and shepherds rejoiced why can't we? it also took the attention of the wisemen because they are expecting the coming Messiah.

i wonder what i've been doing if i was there. i think i am just soo busy as now--and while i thought i wont miss Christmas it already passed on me. how sad :( do you want to thank Jesus that He came to dwell with us--our Great Mediator between the Heavenly Father. do you want to greet him "happy birthay, Jesus..i love you"? you still have a time, just tell him.

Have a wonderful and joyous season of love, peace and hope everyone!

Agape xoxo


kributin said...

Happy Birthday, Jesus! I welcome You in my life. <3

kributin said...

Happy Birthday, Jesus! I welcome You in my life. <3

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