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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Understanding Peace

all of us while becoming busier getting more surprised by unexpected situations. i thought the more i blog, i tweet, i open my Facebook and emails i can keep track of everything that's going on with the lives of every person i know and love. but im wrong.

two days ago, i was surprised by the news from my sister that my aunt (my mom's sister) is in the hospital. the times when i talk to them via skype is one of the many ways the technology have provided to keep me posted. this time it was on facebook where she messaged me. she said they had brought my aunt to the hospital because she keeps on passing out. i have heard that she has been sickly lately too. i think she is one of the most sacrificing person i have met in this world. ok let me tell you the story.

growing up with one parent working is hard. but it is even harder when both. my parents were working when i was growing up. so there were times that i had to be brought to my grandma's house (which is my aunts, uncles and cousins place too) to be able for my parents to work. i experienced the best childhood times there. i played with my cousins and at that time i was the youngest so they treat me like a baby (: pacified and pampered.


it has been the way until i reach kindergarten which when i was six. i had to move back to my parents place to go to school. there were also times i recall that sometimes it was my aunt nila, or my grandma who takes me back and forth to my place every mondays--be back home in the weekends to stay with my mom and dad and little sis, and moved again the next monday. in short i have two homes. both places gave me safety and made me feel secure. places where i feel loved and cared for. places where i have never felt neglected and ignored as a growing child. but it was still rough though, sometime in my pre teen age years i had some issues that i thought for the moment my parents were not so caring to me because they let my relatives took care of me most of the time i was growing up. but i believe it was settled already!

lots of memories in Bulacan. we would always go to carnivals every fiesta in our place. fiesta is usually a Filipino celebration of the foundation of the town. i remember going to most of the rides that i can still stand at that rollercoaster for me now. lol. they bring me to church too every sunday. we usually have special meal every weekend. but then times got sweeter because this time my nieces were born. so my aunts are still busy bodies. more celebrations of birthdays means more cooking.

i also remember my aunts and cousins tag me along when they go to the malls. they will usually shoulder my transportation fare and food im soo blessed! these kind of memories had stopped when i moved here in the States..they are far now. i cant eat what they had cooked, i cant go to carnivals and malls with them anymore. however i still belive that this is just a temporary that in the end we will still see each other and make memories. but we are all getting older, some of us getting sicker.

my aunt had to be confined to the hospital to get her condition checked. as far as i know her red and white blood cells plus the platelets are not functioning normally. i always want to believe that she will be fine. that Jesus will touch her and she will get healed. ok back to normal life again, you know! but i am not sure yet only the Lord knows. only He is in control. and only prayer is the key to know the answer.

right now i struggle with sadness. i always tell God that i still want to see all of them strong and alive when i get back to visit or who knows when me and hubby move down there. i still want to be encouraged by them when i feel lowly. i still want to be heard when i confide to them. and most of all i want to be understood when i dont understand myself. i dont want to start counting because tears will start to drop.

i just want to take these moments to reflect. i wish i can be at the hospital now and be beside her. i wish i can pray for her there audibly. God reminded me of this That in all things God works for the good of those who loved Him and called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 i pray for His love and mercies to embrace my aunt who is in the hospital now. i pray for His peace that passes all understanding to cover her. in the Bible it says it's the peace that the world cannot understand. but only through Jesus Christ we can have.

if you have a spare moment i plead you to pray for my

aunt Nila--her healing and recovery despite her situations now. most of all pray for God's will be done. thank you. and may God's face shine upon us in every situation we have now.

Agape xoxo

1 comment:

kributin said...

Hi ate, nagenjoy po si tita, mama, nanay, at masayang masaya po na nabasa nila ang message mu para sa kanya. nakakatouch po. God bless ate. love ka namen te. <3

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