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Monday, December 12, 2011

My Blog Dedication

hi guys! whew its been a long long time since i last posted. while on the other hand i really really open my blog every time because i have been wanting to change its layout, template and many more. something tells me that whenever i browse other sites and blogs, my last template is kinda outdated. so i sat down and worked on this for a week. i mean really
extensively! i missed reading the blogs i follow and just enjoy the pretty sites outthere.

i was hoping to beautify it more as i have picked up 2 books of web designs and HTML from Goodwill hoping it would really help me. but for the meantime i am definitely loving this new style i have and made. i love the simplicity and airiness it gives, i feel like im in a house with soo minimalist interior design. oh but i can really be a hoarder sometimes i like to collect lots of things. but speaking of collecting, yesterday the hospital where my husband works held a yard sale, we participated in that. we sold some of our stuff too i think we made atleast $60..cold bucks! (yay) i braved the cold winds like some other vendors did. i dont want to get sick, though. one thing i forgot the camera HOORAY! so no pictures that i can post here. well maybe there will be next time. anyhow, the remaining stuff unsold in the yard sale went to Goodwill, we donated them. i felt like i can breathe now--deeper and easier. perhaps once in a while we need to donate our stuff to thrift stores so we wont end up being in TLC's HOARDERS and also not only that it will help other people in need, but also it is in some way helping us to declutter and make our house easier and breezier to live at.

this blog i dedicate to God..i will do my best to honor and uphold Him in every way i can in every area of this blog. i also pray that this will bless you, that it will encourage you more through every journey of faith i post.

what do you think about my new blog now? does it make your heart jump like mine? tell me what you think about it, i would love to hear from you.

Agape xoxo


aimee said...

hi Ellen! just dropping by your cute blog. i used to have a blog too but i kinda "stopped" becoz of work and... katamaran :) hehehe :) hope to see you and ur hubby again soon! :) happy holidays! :)

Ellen Joy said...

thank you aimee---this is what i do most of the time being a full time wifey. mabuti naman at meron akong nahagilap na mapagkaka abalahan...sis u can send me your blog address so i can follow you. sure we'll see each other again..soon! Merry Christmas to you and your hubby too! God bless *hugs*

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