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Friday, January 20, 2012


hello lovely people! today is a special day for me because it is Friday. yay. thank GOD it is. i am still feeling malaise but this gets me pretty excited. today is our FEATURED ARTIST FRIDAY launch post. double yay!
FA was born originally from browsing and reading blogs up to the wee hours at night. i have seen so many talented artist out there. those who dare to be different because they are just being themselves. expressing it so artistically and confidently.
i thought of some people i have known for a long time. they are quite the artist. they can make up a good post. here you go FA was born.
let me introduce you this young artist


Artist's Profile
Sarah Jane F. Co

19 years old


Freelance Artist/Photographer/Student

National Geographic photographers. I don't know their names but they really inspire me!

Find/Write her here: (email)

Could you tell us a snippet of how you ended up in the field of Photography?

I’m currently taking Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts here in the Philippines. I really love taking photos but the only problem is I don’t have a camera and it’s very expensive here. I learn from borrowing during my first year in college. My thinking during that time is just to document, capture memories and just to shoot.

Last year, there’s this event in school where everyone is required to pass a photo, themed “Black and White Fashion Photography”, where the setting is in cemetery. My father really supports what I love and bought me a brand new camera (answered prayer!), so I don’t have any excuse on not joining. :D

Much to my surprise I won!

I got lots of praises from different people that really amaze me and came to realize that Photography is really my thing.

It makes me realize that it’s more than just shooting; you have to make it more alive, more meaningful, and make other people happy.

Of course you have to please yourself first but seeing other people being pleased and getting attached to your work makes you overwhelm and very grateful to the One who gave you this opportunity to share the given talent to you.

I love to see happy people so I will definitely continue my choice of career.


What are your plans this 2012 that will affect your field? Why?

I really want to go back to school and finish my studies this year so I can focus more on photography and in improving my skills.

Make a good portfolio worth viewing.

Also I like to teach others about Photography. It’s nice to share your knowledge and inspire other people.

TRAVEL! But I have to work first. Haha!

What advice/s can you give to those aspiring artists out there?

Don’t rely on “the rules of photography” stuff. (but you have to learn it first so you can break it!)

Sometimes, breaking the rules will help you to make a good one.

Learn from your mistakes then from your mistakes create a masterpiece!

Always put your emotions or story behind every picture. It will make your photo more interesting!

Start your day with a prayer. :D


thank you Sarah for helping us launch our first ever Featured Artist Friday post.

how are you today? do you feel like doing something artistic today? i would love to hear from you.


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