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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Jesus, My Bestfriend

still overwhelmed by the knowledge i have been picking up lately just by hanging out in my blog. things to add things to remove, oh well i guess it is a never ending learning process and i can't have it all. i can only put a style on it--which is me.

last saturday i came across a comment at Stephanie's blog. as i read the comment on one of her posts, i found myself falling in love with her blog and another blog too. guess what i did? i messaged the person who commented on her blog and asked if i could add her button on my blog. she answered me back and we exchanged emails already. i guess that's the start of a good friendship. she is Jacy the author of Art By Jacy an artist, a wife, a future mommy and most importantly a follower of Christ. i would love to be her friend and hope that someday i can meet her and her family.

we can not just under estimate the reasons of staying up late sometimes. it might be tiring to design our blog and read other people's blogs. but we can also develop friendship here, at least i see it that way.

i am thankful that i have gained a few friends here so far. but there is One that never fails me when everybody does. He is my BESTFRIEND JESUS. never that He forsake and leave me. He leads me all the way. i pray that you find Him as your bestfriend too because He longs to be your friend and He wants to give a different meaning in your life. Just Admit that you are a sinner--that you have sinned against Him Believe that Jesus is the only Son of God who can save you and Confess your sins to Him and asked Him to enter into your heart. just want to share some photos that have made my weekend

hope that you have a blessed week!

Agape xoxo


Stephanie [Luxe Boulevard Bridal] said...

Thank you for the shout out. Isn't Jacy a doll? I love her! One of the best things I have ever done in my life is admit I am a sinner and ask Christ to redeem me from the trespasses of my heart. I have learned in the past week (more than the past 8 years I have been saved) how important daily life is with Christ. I NEED daily devotion, even if it is just thinking on a single verse. Life is impossible without it.

Ellen Joy said...

agreed ms stephanie! it is soo impossible to run a day without a single prayer or verse to read in the Bible..i love your blog too! i am amazed how you manage it plus the fact that your a wife and mommy at the same time---you are most welcome to hang out on mine too. thank you for the encouragement! God bless your week (:


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