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Friday, January 27, 2012


aha and its Friday again, last time we featured Sarah Co and now it's another Featured Artist Friday post again.

yes you got it! today we have a new artist. a young man who i have known for quite sometime. he is one of the pillars of the youth group in my sister's church. he has a CREATIVE brain and a BIG HEART for the ministry. let's see how he started in his field.

lovely people, let me introduce you now our Featured Artist

Artist's Profile
Ernesto A. Esguerra II

22 years old

Manila, Philippines

Freelance Artist/Shirt Designer/Video Editor/Drummer/Student

I love watching documentaries. (Both International and local docus). And I am really inspired how do they catch those amazing shots using their cameras. And the way they edit their videos is so professional. If I am not taking fine arts I would rather be one of those people behind those cameras or those people behind the editing thing.

Find/Write him here:
estongbait[@]yahoo[.]com (email)
Youth Website

Could you tell us a snippet of how you ended up in the field of Arts?

It all started during high school days. Being on the school publication back then as a cartoonist made me realize and think that “Yeah! I can draw..ok..(*silence*)really I can DRAW! lol!".

Joining different school poster making contests and winning led me to take art seriously so i took it to the next level. (that’s how I ended up taking Fine Arts in one of the finest schools here in the Philippines.)

Being an online geek also helped me a lot to grow as an artist. (Other than those things that you learn from school.).

Youtube, tutorials, reading blogs, going to art exhibits at malls and attending seminars made me realize that as an artist, I have so much things to learn.

What are your plans this 2012 that will affect your field? Why?

This coming school year of 2012, I am planning on shifting my degree to Multimedia Arts. I have seen that it is more interesting and “in-demand” for jobs here and abroad. I am also planning on taking Animation after this. (woah! So much plans!)

And I want to have a BIG COMEBACK for my shirt business. (meaning more shirts to make and design)

Praying for God’s abundant grace this year!

What advice/s can you give to those aspiring artists out there?

First, know what you really like and focus there.

Don’t get disappointed if no one appreciates your artwork. The important thing there is you put your heart while doing it.

Be teachable. (You will not know everything at once.)

Stepping out of your comfort zones and just doing your thing will make the artist in you shine more.

And last, enjoy every time you are doing your masterpiece. A good inspiration and story in your artwork will surely get a deep connection with the people who will see it. Its not just a drawing or an artwork, it’s a PIECE of what you shared for them to see.


and you know guys that he is not only active in school but also he is a good youth leader in their church. he made a teaser for their church anniversary last November 2011. this is cool check it out!

thank you guys for your time. until next Featured Artist Friday again. hope everybody will have a blessed weekend.

Agape xOxO

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