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Monday, January 30, 2012

Golden Blogger

amazingly i survived! Praise God!

it is my 50th post today lovely people. don't you think its grand? i already thought of making this post a fancier one. i feel like i want to really celebrate it. ok i think i would answer some questions that i asked sorry to confuse you but i will give you some insights on how i started this blog.

the idea of putting up a blog began when i couldn't stand just seeing those creative blogs anymore. they kind of pulling me to start one of my own. i remember that my family in the Philippines often send me some knickknacks like colorful Japanese tapes, rubber stamps, origami papers and other trinkets not to mention lots of jewelry making supplies. so these cute guys got a hook on me..
kawaii tapes

Japanese rubber stamps

origami papers

nail art supplies

swarovski beads

tell me if you don't get hooked yourself. they are the cutest things ever (: also various yard, garage, moving, estate sales help me to create
my craft studio
sorry it's soo messy. lol.

then i got addicted to shabby chic designs because i love decorating our home, so i started collecting victorian, vintage, shabby chic magazines and books. until one time i happened to come across Miss Mandy's blog because i was already searching for some info about blogging..and i think i came across to one of her Honest to Blog posts. since then blogs never run from my mind..then eventually found out that there are alot of artists out there who have their passion for arts and crafts get circulated in the form of blogging.

it also happened to be that i love vintage clothing and accessories even when i was a kid (mamainfluenced me) thank God for blogs like A Beautiful Mess by Miss Elsie and RubyEllen's MyCakies blog. these were my early influences in blogging. without the inspiration they give me, i wouldn't have this blog. thank you so much ladies.

recalling all these memories my heart beats faster again. it excites me superbly. i have often asked myself, "well, if they can why can't i?" so last September 2011 is special! got a pen, a notebook and a brain + 2 wide opened eyes..i sat down and laid the basics of my blog. it was not an easy task mind you but i sure did enjoy every moment of it. NO REGRETS at all!

i think 2 months ago i also landed on blogs of people who believe in the faith i also believe in. finding that they are bold enough to share to people their journey in the faith. i admire Miss Laura's Along for the Ride blog and also Miss Kelly of Fly With Me. all these people have their own unique roles of inspiring me. that is to dream, to love what i make and to give back the glory of what is due to my Creator.

and now just before i write this, i found this relevant article on Crafter Minds, it is about "Improving Our Blog Writing Skills"..hmmm maybe for my 100th post i will include the story of how this article affect my blog life. sounds exciting already.

i hope you find everything in here inspiring and enough to spark your creativity. rest assured that LazyLollipop will always be here as a sister and a friend..i hope to encourage you more the way my Saviour encourages and blesses me.

may the love of our Lord Jesus Christ shine in our hearts as we continue to thrive creatively in this messy world (:

Agape xoxo


Kelly said...

You are so sweet. Happy 50th. Wishing you many more posts. :)

Ellen Joy said...

thank you ms kelly! hope to be inspired more have a nice night

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