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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Twenty Twelve's First

There you go a happy new year to all!

Reminiscence: i always love ringing the new year with a little celebration when i was growing up. my papa always tell me to jump so i would grow taller the coming year. so i jumped as high as i could. hmmm i think i wouldn't grow taller than 5'2" lol. i also clang our metal gate and made sooo much noise since my parents wouldn't allow me to use any type of fireworks. my uncle Danny and my cousin Jonathan were the only ones who can use it though. but these are only memories of the old years that have passed. oh yes my memories wayback home.

my past year was quite challenging as i looked back last night on the pictures we took..we were quite busy! or should i say i was the only one (: it was delightful to see the occasions we attended or even the simple moments we have in our own home. one part i love was when we got new additions to the family. we added our dog and 2 cats namely and last but not the least the white cat that followed us home when we did grocery shopping. she is i can only guarantee that they brought lots of fun and happiness in our house. sometimes while training them we had some mini teary moments but that's all!

one thing i will never ever forget was when we met this person sometime in november. we were going home that time and he was walking. so we stopped and tried to give him a ride. he said he was on a journey of faith through walking. we wowed! and no second thoughts offer him to eat with us in our house. we were so blessed knowing this humble man of God. he is such a man with GREAT FAITH! i say great faith i think it can really move mountains (: we bid goodbye to him after 2days that he stayed in our house. we spent the time talking just about the goodness and faithfulness of God in his life and ours. oh what a wonderful time we had. cant wait to see you again brother
i thanked God for waking me up today with a happy heart believing He has wonderful plans for me and my husband this year. we will continue to love and serve Him as He first loved us. pray for my family and we will pray for you too.

are you excited to be part of what He is doing? did you tell Him "yes Lord i love you and i want to give my life to you. use me this year".

Agape xoxo

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