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Friday, February 10, 2012


Valentines is approaching so fast as a matter of fact it is only 3 days before Hearts/Love Day! aren't you all excited for that? chubbyhubby is taking a week off from work next week. yay! as far as i can remember he said he will cook for me on V-day..what more can a wifey ask for? isn't it sweet when our husbands cook for us, or even wash dishes or do laundry for us? YES-even sometimes for the sake of special day like this.

speaking of "SWEETNESS", photography is not only a way most people do for a living these days, but it is also one of the best ways you can capture the sweetest moment of life. like this friend of mine, he has been in the field of photography for a while and yet he never fails to capture every couple's sweetest and let's say mushiest big day, their---"WEDDING DAY".

come, let us all take a look (:

Philip and his fiance' Aisa

Artist's Profile
Philip Mark Cordova

31 years old

Novaliches Quezon City, Philippines

Wedding Photographer

My inspiration is my family and the people who appreciate my works. My clients also inspire me a lot because if not for them, I will not grow in this field. I am learning new things and I study every aspect to provide and give them the best photos. I know that they like or even love my works because if not, they will not trust and even not let me shoot/cover their weddings. That's why, they are my inspirations in this kind of field.

Find/Write him here:

Could you tell us a snippet of how you ended up in the field of Photography?

When i was a child, I always saw my uncle, who was also our neighbor and was a videographer and photographer at that time, carrying those big video cameras and SLR cameras, which I am fond to hold or even look on the viewfinders. As time went by, this interest still remained in me & we bought some film-type cameras and point-and-shoot digital cameras to support my hunger in photography. I practiced and practiced to get good shots. Then I got my 1st DSLR on 2008 without knowing every settings and parts of it. Because of my passion, I studied how to set the camera all by myself without enrolling in schools, workshops or seminars for photography. I just learned it by myself through trial & error process, asking questions to those who are experienced, reading materials & discussions on the Internet and ehem...YouTube! Hahahaha! Having a DSLR & having the things I've learned, I am longing for new lenses, flash, & other accessories for photography & it costs a lot! Then I asked myself..."I am not a rich person to buy all these things but I want it! What should I do? Aha! Why not make a living out of it?" It all started from that idea. Because of my passion & interest, especially, on "WEDDINGS". I trained myself to the pressure & hardships in this field. At first, I never asked for payments--just shoot & cover weddings, but I felt fulfilled in every shots that the couple appreciate to see. That gave me courage, inspiration & it boost my creativity to learn, study & do all what I've learned. I've started this business last 2009 & I am happy to say that all my clients were happy & satisfied on my works.

What are your plans this 2012 that will affect your field? Why?

My plans for this year of 2012 is still the same... to study, to learn, to create and to inspire! With these in mind, these drive me to do more, to be more create every couple's dream who trusted me, to see the final results of their images that they can be proud of, one that will last from generation to generation, even forever. Other than that, I am also planning to buy & upgrade my gears to maximize my craft & provide much better photos.

What advice/s can you give to those aspiring artists out there?

My advice is just believe in yourself. If you love what you do and you're happy doing it, continue it! Your happiness is priceless when the people around you support what you love to do. With this, they inspire you & at the same time, you inspire them. If you do this, you can be successful or even not that successful in your craft, but, it gives you the joy & happiness & that's the bottom line!:D


don't you love Philip? he is so talented..and you can see that he gives his heart in every picture he takes. more of his mushy pictures...more below...

thank you Philip for these wonderful photos you have shared with us and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

guys, you don't need to get married just so you can have these lovely have this LOVE month to do some special treat for your partner--suprise awaits them,right? you can shoot a message to Philip on his Facebook tell him you want the sweetest photo this Valentines with your loved one. come on spread the news!

"Love is wanting to make someone smile."
Charles M. Schulz



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Julia said...

What a great feature! Love her photography, so beautiful.

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