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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No Pirate

i know i can do it, i know i believe.
where is the power? where are my sleeves?
sometimes i am kinda like a turtle
when i tried anything for the first time.
i hide and don't want to brag about
it. but this is my moment i know it is!

As bright as the sunshine today is my spirit.
I hope this is forever-lasting;
I already saw a lot of them do it,
So i might as well try it doing.

Strength now i know where to gather,
But patience is all i need;
Because better days are so numbered,
And i want to go succeed.

So now i will take the step You taught me,
Each way i will cherish and treasure;
For You are my Refuge,
My Best Friend i can be sure.

Just help me find the heart in all of of these,
Rather than i do it on my own as i please.

You already go before me,
From the beginning of time;
Planned my well-being;
blessed me with things that are divine.
Each day i will thank You,
For praise is not mine.

I will get up go ready,
Take the courage from Your Word.
My enemies won't mock and prosper
Because you are holding the Great sword.

I am originally Yours,
I believe You are in this heart,
Keep me in Your safe arms
For i am forever Your servant.

i love this idea of writing what you just feel at the moment. sound like spontaneous? (:. it is so much fun especially for me who usually write with a direction..ooops correction WITHOUT direction. but seriously i want to thank Jen for participating in this cool idea. and i want to thank Heather for putting up this very neat idea. sister, friend if you want to participate in this challenge. click here for instructions.

happy writing everyone!

Agape xoxo

1 comment:

Heather EO said...

Thank you for joining me. Your words are heartfelt and good. Peace.

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