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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Missed But Loved

thoughts...thoughts...thoughts (wishing it's zzzzzzzzzz)

i know that it is very early Sunday now lovely people, but i just can't sleep yet. i will just wait until i pass out in front of my laptop while chubbyhubby is zzzzz-ing already. sssshhh. they say when you can't sleep somebody's thinking about you but i guess in my case i am the one thinking very deeply. today i am just missing the lovelies of my life and that is my family way back home. for the others who don't know i came from a tropical country of the well-known "light hearted" Filipinos--PHILIPPINES! hooray!

chubbyhubby came home from work and saw me with a little unwell feeling. our weather here in Florida is kinda of different from other past winters. now is just warm and then some cold and then warming up again. so perhaps the weather contributed. oh boy. i am definitely missing my papa Edward, mama Daisy, sister Christine, grandma Ligaya, Aunts Nila and Bebe, uncle Danny, cousin Joy and her family Kuya Edgar, Gabie and Gill, cousin Jonathan and his family ate Raquel, Danica and Dana. oh by the way, Ate (Filipino term for older sister) and Kuya (Filipino term for older brother). see i have a BIG family. i soo missed them alot. it's been almost 3 years when i moved here. i should have adjusted well already. i should have not been feeling this way. so much memories i have taken when i came here. i unbelievably have been dreaming of them, sometimes the not-so memorable moments i was with them were the ones in my dream lately like, i remember myself going to the flea markets right after work, then my mama will scold me because i did not go home early, lol. or it was like me again waking up late sometimes and then my my parents would scold because i will be late for work. there are also dreams of me with my grandma and aunts when they are cooking and here i am---not helping to cook but the tester (: would you believe all of these? it sounds funny right? but yep my sentimental side is kicking in. these quotes i found on Pinterest were so cool that i did not let it pass my DRAMA moment.

Lord willing i can go and visit them all one day, and make some memories again. one thing i only know is, the more i missed them-the more i feel so loved because like my sister always tell me.."ate Ellen, don't worry about us--we don't worry about you there because we believe it is the Lord that called you there. you maybe far from us but you are always remembered. enjoy every moment you have with your new family there, with kuya Arthur (chubyhubby). we are ok here as you are there."

oh but the words of my sister--so powerfully touched my life. i missed them alot but they loved me more than i have been missing them. thank you for all the lovin' you have all given me. i will surely see you all again. i love you and you are always in my heart. thank You Lord for giving me a family who loves me no matter far the distance is between us.

do you have someone that you've been missing lately? how do you cope with what you're feeling? i would love to hear your story. have a happy and blessed Sunday everyone!

Agape xoxo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi yen! it's late & i'm ready for bed, so this is short. just wanted to tell you.. i'm thinking about you. i wish you're right next door to me. life's been crazy busy here but God remains faithful!

i can totally relate with what you're feeling. i left with just j & went back with 2 more boys, plus the hubs makes 4 boys! it took us 7 years! so you see 3 years ain't so bad (ngisi muna dyan).. hehe.. even in the midst of my big & busy family life, you'd think i can't find time to get lonely & alone. i still have my "homesick for pinas" days. but as you know, some days are better than others. in difficult times, i always remember this one--- this too shall pass!
.. and whenever i feel like this, i cling to my husband more for comfort... and His word of course!

we should talk some time... hugs...

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